Inside the Workshop: BLACK CHROME

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


Hyper Coatings is a time tested proven technology that has been used for decades in other industries and is now available for automotive wheels. This state of the art process provides a superior alternative to traditional chrome plating. Chrome plating is well known for the many problems it has with pitting and peeling of the chrome surface. A Hyper Coated wheel virtually eliminates these problems.

Black Chrome Arriving Soon At AlloyKSA


The Hyper Coating process is an environmentally friendly method of producing a bright wheel finish that is more durable than traditional chrome plating. Hyper Coatings are also OEM approved.

The manufacturing process uses recyclable powder coatings for the base and clear topcoat layers. Sandwiched between is a simple metal alloy which is applied under vacuum. The process does not consume or emit any harmful materials to our air, water, or soil. Because there is no need to control pollutants, the Hyper Coating process also consumes less raw energy, thus further reducing the environmental footprint and cost.

Unlike the layered metal system of traditional chrome plating, Hyper Coatings are very light. On average, the Hyper Coating finish can save up to 50% on coating weight alone. This benefit is quickly realized in overall fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

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