Updated: Mar 15, 2020

These little hot rods all the way down to their inspiration and foundation have been built for a single purpose… pure, unfiltered and unrestrained exhilaration.

AlloyArmy Legends showing off at the Riyadh Car Show 2019

A legend makes you work for control, it will fight back and let you earn the skills worthy enough to drive one. There is no traction and stability control, there’s no sophisticated computer assisting you and making things easier for you. But the moment you drive one, you’ll be hooked.

This car isn’t the polite companion you go to a fancy dinner with. It’s the crazy type that will take you out on an unexpected adventure, give you a new experience of life and dance with you in the rain.

Forget the statistics on a car review, forget the ESC, TCS, VVT and Torque Vectoring. Forget Nurburgring lap times and how many milliseconds quicker it is on an airfield drag race… Think of how it makes you feel, these angry high revving pocket rockets are truly legendary.

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